HESHFOUND exists to provide equal share of quality health care, education, shelter and economic empowerment to the marginalized and disadvantage ones in rural communities of Ghana.


Bringing joy and purpose to special needs of the disadvantaged in Senya Bereku with services extended nationwide with the aspiration to safeguard the needy and vulnerable in our communities.



Although Ghana is an English speaking country, many school children cannot communicate effectively in English language especially in the rural areas of Ghana.


Volunteers are needed to provide love, care, Education and attends to the orphanage children in Ghana. The child care project aims to address the problems that children left…


Volunteers with love of sports and real enthusiasm for working with young children are well suited to our sports teaching project in Ghana. Volunteers on this project work with


Health / Medicine project here in Ghana works with rural and urban communities in Ghana. This project aims to help small villages and town which are deprived of access to


In Ghana and Africa to be precise, majority of the people live in rural communities and mostly rely on small scale farming for their survival.


In most rural communities in Ghana, schools, orphanages, hospital and families have serious infrastructural problems; in most cases children may be studying under trees due

Many companies, large and small which are making the decision to be involved in the ever growing community of institutions, organizations and individual that seek to work together to create a better world we warmly invite your participation. The doors of Heshbon’s Foundation is open to donors, sponsors and partners all over the world who may wish to make a contribution in any way. Your donations will help us fund variety of projects including providing education, child care, health, sanitation and women empowerment in the rural coastal communities (towns and villages).


Testimonial from Frieda

First of all I want to say thank you for the amazing time. It was more or less coincident that I ended up in Seths Foundation. I cannot even find the right words to describe, how happy I am that I got to know Seth, Naomi and all the kids.

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