The organization was founded by Mr. Seth Barnes. He was moved by the plight of the poor and needy in rural communities of Ghana.
Realizing that many people in most Ghanaian communities are truly needy and disadvantaged and ignorant about dangers and effects of child labor. His love for outreach to affect other positively and experience he acquired while meeting with volunteers from across the world, made him to establish this organization to welcome and volunteer to help sharpen and improve the lives of the disadvantaged in Senya Bereku and Ghana as a whole.

HESHFOUND seeks to work according to its vision and objectives with the single determination to improving and promoting the development of the welfare of the disadvantaged in communities of Ghana.

HESHFOUND has enormous experience in working with international and local volunteers, organization to improve lives and has made a great impact in bringing positive charges to the disadvantaged.

In the light of this, HESHFOUND welcomes philanthropists, charitable organization and volunteers that want to reach out to the orphans, needy and the disable to improve the welfare of these poor and the less privileged in Ghana, Africa and the world.



D/97A behind Edwuma wo wo ho-Ohia MA Adwen Road. Senya Beraku

+233 24-672-7399
+233 20-101-6273


Working Hours/Days
Monday – Saturday 07:30 – 17:30

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