Volunteers with love of sports and real enthusiasm for working with young children are well suited to our sports teaching project in Ghana. Volunteers on this project work with young children and occasionally adult to help develop their interest in a range of sports and increase their skills.

This project helps in developing the mental discipline of the children, as well as heightening their alertness and coordination. The sports project will generally involve physical training, teaching the children how to work as team bringing the best out in the players and encouraging children to have more self confidence.

Soccer / Football is a popular sport in Ghana, however, volunteers are also encouraged to introduce new sports to the children. To teach these sports, volunteers may need to bring sport equipments from their homes country; as there is a chance it may not be available for purchase in Ghana to organize competition among other football clubs and schools in the country.

Volunteers do not need any past experience to participate on the sports. Teaching project, however, it is important to note that volunteers may be required to teach other classes during the project.


D/97A behind Edwuma wo wo ho-Ohia MA Adwen Road. Senya Beraku

+233 24-672-7399
+233 20-101-6273


Working Hours/Days
Monday – Saturday 07:30 – 17:30

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