Although Ghana is an English speaking country, many school children cannot communicate effectively in English language especially in the rural areas of Ghana.

This common challenge rise in both the rural and urban areas of Ghana and there is a real need for volunteers to assist communities (towns and villages) a shortage of teaching staff.

The teaching project in Ghana seeks to stimulate the interest of school children in studying and speaking English, while simultaneously offering international volunteers the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the Ghanaian culture and education system.

Volunteers are placed in both rural and urban areas in Ghana, where they assist one or the few local teachers. Volunteers on this project follow the syllabus of the Ghana Education Service which is made available to volunteers during their orientation. English, Mathematics, Arts, Music and Dance etc are also incorporated into the syllabus and volunteers are encouraged to bring material that can enhance their teaching.

Volunteers do not need to be experience or qualified teachers to participate on this project.

HESHFOUND offers volunteers the opportunity to upgrade their skills for their Teaching projects by gaining a recognized certificate after finishing the voluntary service.


D/97A behind Edwuma wo wo ho-Ohia MA Adwen Road. Senya Beraku

+233 24-672-7399
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Working Hours/Days
Monday – Saturday 07:30 – 17:30

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