Testimonial from Frieda

First of all I want to say thank you for the amazing time. It was more or less coincident that I ended up in Seths Foundation. I cannot even find the right words to describe, how happy I am that I got to know Seth, Naomi and all the kids.

Seth is the most passionate person I have ever made. He really tries everything what is in his power to provide a better future for the needy ones in his community. From the first second he made everything clear on the ground and I could see that he is not putting all the pressure on his volunteers. He is a very hard working, faithful, reliable, honest person with a big warm heart for all the Children. When I arrived, Seth showed me around and immediately I realised, how serious the situation is. He went through many difficulties and there are so many challenges to face but he never would give up. There are many Organisations and NGO who needs help, which makes it difficult to decide which one suits the best. I can tell you being part of this Foundation is a great feeling and it is in your hands to make a change.

Volunteers are different for some it´s the first stay aboard, others have concrete imaginations of their stay. In my case I wanted to support widows and disabled and I am so glad that I got the opportunity with the help of Seth to set up a new project, which also will be find on the website in the near future. So doesn’t matter what is in your mind. I am sure you can find your place in the Heshbon´s Foundation.

After work I enjoyed the afternoon/ evening in the Orphanage and cooked dinner with Naomi together. Naomi is staying at the orphanage and is teaching in the kinder garden but that doesn’t describe how important she for all the children is, she is like a mum for them. She is always smiling and likes to dance and sing. Her good mood is contagious to everybody who is around her.

There is so much more to say but I just can highly recommend to anybody pack your backpack and make your own experience. I believe if I say that I am already planning to go back next years, it says more than any words how grateful I´ve been for the time in the orphanage. You do not only have the opportunity to support this Foundation and provide a better future for the disadvantaged ones in the community of Senya Beraku, you also get to know those amazing people who became very good friends to me.

I miss all of you and I can´t wait to come back.

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